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It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to recover wages from an employer if you have not been properly compensated. In some cases, employers make honest mistakes, and in others they may have deliberately paid an employee less than he or she is entitled to under applicable law. In any case, an employer typically will vigorously oppose a claim that they have violated wage and hour laws or failed to pay you for all overtime wages because any violation likely happened to several other employees as well. You need an experienced wage and hour lawyer at Reavey Law LLC to assist you with this employment law claim.

Clients often initially come to us with questions about discrimination or retaliation claims only to discover they may also have a wage and hour claim that they were previously completely unaware of. It is important to consider whether you were properly compensated for your work and seek the advice of an attorney with experience handling these types of cases.

Experienced Lawyers Handling Wage and Hour Claims

At Reavey Law LLC, we take the time to understand our client’s situation. In a wage and hour law dispute, it is important that we learn what type of job is involved, how many hours you worked, and, most importantly, what you were paid for the work. We perform a comprehensive review of your case in order to determine what your options are. And we will represent your interests in settlement negotiations.

If it becomes necessary, we are highly qualified to litigate the dispute. We are experienced at handling employment law cases in state and federal courts as well as wage and hour class actions involving multiple employees.

If you have questions regarding any wage and hour law issue, contact our law office for a free consultation and case evaluation with a Kansas City wage and hour claim lawyer.

Wage and Hour Law

You are entitled to be fairly compensated for the work you perform. In its simplest form, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guarantees that employees are paid a minimum wage and overtime pay. However, there are many other protections that the FLSA provides for all employees, including professional, salaried and executive employees. Our attorneys understand the complex nature of the FLSA, and we can help you understand how the law applies to your situation.

We can answer any question an employee might have regarding a variety of wage and hour law issues, including:

  • Minimum wage violations
  • Overtime pay violations
  • Failure to pay for off-the-clock work, breaks or meal time
  • Failure to pay time for donning and doffing (the time it takes for you to put on or remove safety equipment or other employer required material)
  • Executive compensation issues
  • Misclassification of exempt and non-exempt FLSA employees
  • Delayed comp time/Misclassification of independent contractor
Additional information on wage and hour issues can be found at the U.S. Department of Labor Website.

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If you are seeking an experienced employment law attorney to assist you with a wage and hour law dispute, contact our Kansas City law firm for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We can be reached by telephone, fax or e-mail. After-hours and weekend appointments are available.