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Helping Clients Pursue Employment Law Claims

What are the chances of obtaining a favorable settlement? What can we expect if we take the claim to a jury? For most of our clients, this is their first interaction with the justice system.

We are committed to helping clients understand how pursuing, or defending an employment law claim will affect their lives. If a case does proceed to trial, our clients can feel confident knowing we have litigated employment law cases in front of federal and state courts in all areas of employment law.

Client service is very important to us. Commitment to personal service, honest legal advice and skilled legal representation are the foundations of our practice. At Reavey Law LLC, clients can be assured knowing we carefully look into our clients’ legal concerns and zealously represents their interests. We stay in regular contact with our clients to keep them informed regarding the status of their cases.

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If you are looking for help from a skilled employment litigation attorney, contact Reavey Law LLC for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. After-hour, and weekend appointments can be arranged, if necessary. Attorney Patrick Reavey is available to protect your best interests in Kansas or Missouri.